Words: Part II

Speaking of how humility factors in the journey of every person, Joan Chittister said it this way…

Humility requires first and foremost what the ancients called memoria dei, ‘the awareness of God,’ at all times, in all places, at the center of all things.  It is so easy to make ourselves gods of the tiny little kingdoms we occupy.  We climb very small ladders and then assume that we have risen to the heights of our humanity.

The realization that God is god and that we are not requires serious reflection.  Striving for all the tops of all the pyramids in the world will not change the fact that no person ever really reaches the top of anything and that the real acme of creation lies deep within the soul and waits for us to bow before it in awareness and in praise.  Those whose lives are lived without listening to their hearts, those who make themselves, their work, their status, their money their god, never find the God of the universe, who waits quietly within for us to exhaust our compulsive race to nowhere

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