Life’s been racing lately; blogging has fallen down the list, though I often think of things to post. Reading some quotes online, I found this list of questions as suggestions for a men’s accountability group.

What effect would your life feel if you answered questions like these with friends regularly?

Relationship building is a process which takes time; when that time is invested, trust and vulnerability grow. We offer these questions as part of this building process, knowing that when used in love and wisdom they will help men open their hearts to each other.

1. Have I been with a woman in the past week that could be viewed as compromising?
2. Have all my financial dealings been filled with integrity?
3. Have I viewed sexually explicit material?
4. Have I spent adequate time in Bible study and prayer?
5. Have I spent quality time and given priority to my family?
6. Have I fulfilled the mandates of my calling?
7. Have I just lied to you?

1 thought on “Accountability

  1. Don’t feel bad J, I haven’t blogged in over a month. I guess I have less to say then I imagined I would. On the other hand not feeling like it is more the excuse I’d wager on.

    Those are tough questions for many but good ones. I find #7 the funniest. After all if you can’t succeed in telling the truth, what’s the point of any of the rest?

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