Christ the Lord Out of Egypt

I just finished this best-selling novel by Anne Rice.  So now I’m about to make a recommendation, but it’s not the one you’re expecting.

If you want to do some reflecting on what Jesus might have felt like growing up, read this novel.

If you want to be more informed on the type of family and home in which he may have been raised, pick this one up.

If you want to better understand the politics and economics that would have been “everyday stuff” to his childhood family, read this book.

But now here’s the recommendation… even if you don’t want any of the above stuff, borrow this book from the library.  Even just take off the bookstore shelf.  Read the “Author’s Note” at the back.  It’s about 18 pages long and speaks fantastically Anne Rice’s research done for this book.  But it was more than research for a project.  It was an obsession, a heart-filling, everything-I’ve-got-is-in kind of search… and it is inspiring to read about.

I enjoyed the book a great deal.  I loved the “Author’s Note”!

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