Irony in August

At least, I usually do.

Not so much in this case…

My very favourite band has long been a group called Caedmon’s Call.  They’re out of the southern USA and rarely make it anywhere near the western half of the Canadian border.  I’ve long said that I’d drive a dozen hours to see them if they ever came up here.

Imagine my shock when I discovered that they are coming to Winnipeg.  Oh yes, you heard me right.  They’re coming as part of the 25-year celebration for Grant Memorial  Church.   Sweet!

The irony?

They’re coming on August 30… ONE DAY before we return from our trip to China in August.


For anyone going… give my best to Cliff and sing along on my behalf.

So close but SO far…

1 thought on “Irony in August

  1. WHAT?! you’re going to China this summer?! how did that very interesting detail manage to not be mentioned during our conversation?! perhaps we need to schedule another conversation very soon…will you guys think about going next summer?! cause we’re planning to go to the Beijing 2008 Olympics – that would be fun!

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