Jump On

I am SO on the Warriors’ band-wagon.

Heck, I’m driving the wagon!

Even while the season was going on, I was eyeing the Warriors as they made their push towards FINALLY making the playoffs (13 years since their last visit). I’d noticed this odd trend that no one in the league matched up so well against the mighty Mavs. Who knew why? But I’m no Mavs-lover, so I was intrigued by the idea that they might get a feisty #8 seed in the first round.


Yeah, you could say that!

The Warriors play basketball like the Spartans fight in “300”… no retreat, no surrender.

Enough blabbing.

I’m off to see if the Warriors can finish the Mavs off with one last quarter.

And then I’m going to see Dirk cry.

PS: Dallas DID get beat.  “Destroyed” is a better word.  Dirk did NOT cry, at least not on camera.  And the feel-good story of the playoffs so far continues.  Now if only my Raptors could muster up some guts and force a Game 7… not so sure.

3 thoughts on “Jump On

  1. Yes…I’m definitely on that band wagon!! That is FUN stuff. However, the Suns are going to burn those little warriors to bits if they ever meet…:) I was once again so joyful to see the Lakers go down, ah that is oh so sweet.

  2. I know… what wild playoffs so far. Who’d have pictured a second round with no Dirk, Shaq, Wade, Kobe, Carmelo, AI. If Utah upsets Houston, then the Jazz/Warriors series will be full of guys I never expected to be watching. It’s almost like March Madness… almost.

  3. Most of those guys are chuckers (you know…40 shots, 30 points), and if Houston falls, one more chucker will be fishing. So I say good riddance. Bring on the ball-moving teams for the second round! And I have to agree with Harm – as much as Golden State was in that series, they’re basically the Suns, just not as good. But how fun would that series be? We would almost need to change which sport we refer to as “the beautiful game” (I already did a long time ago, but…shhh!)

    How about those celebrities moving up the California coast to jump on the Warriors bandwagon? Is that a snapshot of our society, or what?

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