The Freezer

Winter has hit Regina.  The radio yesterday spoke only of the blizzard hitting the prairies.  We didn’t the honour of being in that one, but the cold air has certainly found us.  This week’s forecast?  A streak of days with low -20’s and windchills making it feel like -40’s.

Canadian prairies in the winter time… now that’s what I’m talking about.

2 thoughts on “The Freezer

  1. you missed a sweet blizzard in saskatoon man! took me over 3 hrs to get from the university to bernards place. no lies. sweet hey?

  2. You think that was bad? My driveway has a 3 ft drift in front of the garage and no snowblower to move it with. (My fam put in about 9 hours of snow removal.) Apparently that storm front that hit Toon town left hundreds of drivers stranded for hours. (100 ppl spent the night at COSCO, including a camera crew.) I’m just glad that most ppl listened to the news and stayed home.

    The news said that it was the worst storm we had since 1955! But I guess that means that the kids will have plenty of snow to play on… if and when it warms up!

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