The “emergent church”… that’s a huge catch-phrase these days.  No, it’s more than a catch-phrase.  It’s a train-load of ideas, and I must claim to understand it insufficiently.  Brian McLaren has been deemed by many to be the voice (or at least one of them) of the movement.  To be honest, I’ve only read one of his books in its entirety; the rest has been clips and quotes and articles.  However, I know some of you are big fans.

Here is a link to a parody of an interview with “Cryin’ McLaren”.  While a touch thick on sarcasm, it might be thought-provoking to some… and angering to others.

Hey, it’s just a post from one who is wandering and wondering.


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  1. I’m not at a computer where I can listen to the audio right now, but just based on the written introduction to the clip, I’m sure it would have made me mad.

    I really like McLaren.
    Some of the thoughts and ideas that I’ve encountered through his books have been at times the only things that kept me on the “Yes” or even “Probably” side of faith.

    I also think that when people encounter a parody of something, and broad sweeping generalizations of something, before they encounter the real thing, they’ll probably never take the thing seriously. The view will most likely always be tainted by the original critique of it.

    “since as you know the real postmoderns only have conversations they can control.”

    I know it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek, and I know that maybe it doesn’t manifest itself very fully in the Canadian prairies, but it’s silly to do what some churches would love to do and think of postmoderism as a choice that some people make, instead of a shift that is occuring across our cultures, whether we like it or not. The fact that there are committed Christians who are trying to make sure they stay in position to engage that changing culture is an encouraging sign to me.

    One of the most encouraging things to me is the generosity with which McLaren handles his critics, who can be quite unkind, condescending, and actually seem to quite enjoy putting him down.

  2. Me and my life are off the mark far enough that I deserve ridicule, and I’d wager that its the same for all of us. What I doubt is that any of us deserve the “honor” of dishing out that ridicule.

  3. I always like this pious sounding declaration that we are not to “judge” anyone because we are not worthy to judge — It goes against Scripture.

    But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner—not even to eat with such a person.
    For what have I to do with judging those also who are outside? Do you not judge those who are inside? But those who are outside God judges. Therefore “put away from yourselves the evil person.” (1 Cor 5:11-13)

    We most certainly ARE commanded to JUDGE those calling themselves “brothers” who act like McLaren & advocate such perverse anti-biblical teachings, but you want to act like the people earlier in the text that “boasted”/puffed up themselves with their notions of “tolerance” & “mercy”. It is not only your “honor” to judge such things, it is your duty — Do you not know we’ll judge the world?

    There is a time for mercy & that is AFTER repentance. I call McLaren & his followers to repent.

  4. Roderick,

    There’s a million things I could say but I happen to have a lot of respect for Jban so I’m not going to muddle up his post with unchristian judgements, even though as you said, Jesus says its ok.

    So, let me just ask you two questions?

    First, when are you going to read one of McLaren’s books? Because I think your rip could have been quite funny if it had even remotely resembled what McLaren actually thinks and says.

    And second, when are you going to admit that what truly angers you about McLaren is that his questions scare you? I know they do. I know because I’ve been there and they scared me to. I spent most of my life reacting in fear and anger to any one who dared ask heretical questions. Over time I learned that the only thing heretical was my attidtude.

    Take the high road bro.


  5. This is a little late but I couldn’t resist. It’s about wineksins, the ones Jesus said wouold burst. New wine in old wineskins. That’s what effect McLaren is having. If I’m not mistaken, Jesus was commending the process, not condemning it.

  6. The man who played the part of McLaren read all 15 books by McLaren.
    The effect McLaren is having is the same effect Erasmus had with his Diatribe book — fortunately Luther ably responded with his book Bondage of the Will.

  7. Roderick,

    15 books? Wow. I’m a Mclaren fan and I’ve read maybe 3. It just seems wierd to me that a guy who sees Mclaren as a heretical hippy would invest that kind of time and money into a modern day Erasmus.

    For the record, I think its great that your friend has read them. Mclaren, although he’s not the bible answer man (thank God) he does pose important questions that the church must be willing to answer.

    I’m no prophet but I predict if McLaren’s questions continue to go unanswered or worse “made into ameteur theatre” the church will suffer immensly – as it already has.

    New stats have just come out showing that the United States, once the biggest Christian nation in the world, now boasts of a whopping 18% church attendance. Europe is much worse.

    Something is dreadfully wrong and yet the church, and well meaning people like yourselves, continue to ignore important conversations.

    I say anty up boys. Discuss important issues instead of hiding behind your puppet theatre. The only one your impressing is your right wing listeners and perhaps even your spouse.

    At the end of the day, there are millions asking similar questions to Mclaren – and they want answers.

    Do you care?


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