Another great quote, this time from Walker Percy…

He defined boredom as:

“the self stuffed with the self”.

Ouch!  Sorry if you’re reading this on a “boring day”.

But you know, when I think of some people I know who are “always bored”… I suspect Percy is on to something in a major way.

To leap-frog off of Percy’s idea…

A life stuffed with self is a small life, and a small life is a boring life. 

You can quote JayBan on that last line.  But I’m not telling you how I learned that little nugget.

1 thought on “Boredom

  1. I always tell my kids, “Boring is something you do to yourself.” I believe this absolutely. We use the expression”taking an interest”. I think you can take an intrest in something, anything. It, what evet it is, is only boring if you don’t take an interest in it. You always have the choice to take an interest. Of course, you can always decide not ot, in which case you will be bored.

    Maybe that’s what you just said

    scrawney john smith

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