Do you ever get in that place?

Trains of thought are only two cars long.

The “groove” is so shallow that it’s actually more like a “plain”.

The one task that really needs the focus keeps getting body-checked by ten others that don’t.

Yeah, I’m there.

Even so, life is actually quite enjoyable these days.

Shannon and I are in the midst of fun times together, as we adapt to life back at home.  We’re on holiday from our weekly dance lessons but have traded it in for some weight-lifting a few times per week.  We’re trying to add ripped-ness to our rhythm!  Definitely time to get all the leftover Halloween candy out the door.

I’ve found my guitar in my hands more recently than I have for a long time.  That’s not saying much, aside from the fact that I forgot how much fun this can be.

I did some great laughing and some fun strumming with friends last night.

I’ve re-connected with a childhood friend of mine over the past couple months.  This has been one of my highlights since coming home.  Simply an easy guy to enjoy.  We’re lined up to get season tickets together for the 2007 Rider season, which of course, will finally be OUR year.  I suspect that our lives have intersected for a reason; yes, even more than Riders tickets.

I’m playing on the Glen Elm Kings hockey team.  My name’s got a goal beside it 5 of the last 6 games too.  Yes sir, that’s 5 goals in the last 15 years from a once-again-rookie.  Call me Malkin, if you must.

I decided to change my set-for-months sermon topic for Sunday just moments ago.  Call me nuts, if you must.

I’m eating beef jerky at work today.  Call me a hick, if you must.

I think the Toronto Raptors might win their division this year.  Call me a dreamer, if you must.

I still count John Close among my closest friends.  Call me desperate, if you must.

Yes sir, this is Scattered.  Signing off…

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