Rules of the Road

Saw this video on Yahoo originally, and just laughed. Not because it’s crazy, but because it’s SO common in SO MANY places. It reminds me of several places we’ve witnessed.

It is fairly entertaining to watch and wonder: How can no apparent rules result in something that seems to work?

After having no clue how to post a Yahoo video, I found it elsewhere as well.

6 thoughts on “Rules of the Road

  1. Hey that sure seems a lot like here in Brazil. It seems like the drivers here don’t care about the rules of the road but when it comes right down to it, everyone seems to do fine. I have seen less road accidents here then I ever have back home or in the States. Pretty amazing that what we think of a craziness can actually turn out to work in the system that is in place. Ordered Craziness! If that makes any sense? Ha!

  2. Yeah, you would definitely know what this is all about down in Brazil! “Ordered craziness”… it makes perfect sense, in some kind of disordered way!

    All the best to you and Travis, Alicia, as your big day nears. What exciting days in the Sass home! Lots of us up here are thinking about you… and grateful that Travis isn’t doing any more “wall photos”.

  3. That’s got to be Kolkata!!! Ha!!! Good memories! Hong Kong driving is just so normal, except that they are on the wrong side of the road and I still look the wrong way everytime I cross the street. I bound to get hit one of these days.
    Hong Konger

  4. Looks like Taipei, only little dirtier. “Traffic flows like water around obstacles” was the best description someone gave me when explaining the rules of the road in Taipei.

  5. hey thanks. We sure don’t mind you guys dropping in and giving us a heads up every now and then! We’re just at the beginning of our China learning, and have a loooooong way to go.

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