As I got into bed, I found myself voicing gratefulness for a lot of simple things today…

Thanks for thunder and lightning on a Sunday morning.

Thanks for a great lunch with great people (Murray, Scott & Mano)

Thanks for the reminder in Job that You are big enough to hear our doubts and complaints, and bold enough to blow us away when we need it.

Thanks for the band stand in Wascana Park–what a perfect reading place!

Thanks for the chat with the Arby’s girl–a reminder that You actually DO hear my prayers for opportunites and that You DO answer them.

Thanks for the skies in this place; they truly are “living”.

Thanks for a Rider win last night and the fun of sharing it with Blair.

Thanks for Your constant presence, closer than I could dream.

Thanks for new strength that I’ve found lately; possibility-dreaming feels more natural than usual right now.

Thanks for every part of Shannon’s weekend in Calgary.

Thanks for my just-the-right-hardness bed.

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