March Madness 2014

This year’s bracket was released yesterday — no, I have not looked at it yet. But I will. And then I will fill one out with my most hair-brained guesses. Why? For the pride attached to trying to defeat all the other blindly-guessing folks in my circle of friends.

And a better reason? For a shot at $1 000 000, courtesy of Warren Buffet. Consolation prizes are $100 000 each — I know I’d be consoled!

Yes, the odds of filling out a perfect bracket are statistically slimmer than being struck by lighting a dozen times or finding a Malaysian airliner in your fridge, but as an old friend once observed:

Billions or not, if the energy and drama of March Madness is more than sufficient for you, perhaps this compilation of buzzer beaters will serve to get your blood pumping ahead of Tuesday’s warm-up and Thursday’s real action!