NHL Playoffs: Round One

Are you or a loved-but-currently-lost one consumed by this year’s NHL playoffs?

Here is my interested-but-not-immersed approach to time-efficient fan-dom:

1) First three games of all series: Maybe catch minutes here and there.  Mostly follow series score through TSN’s iPhone app.

2) Game four, a few minutes of viewing is supplemented by morning edition of SportsCentre.  (More attention is given if a sweep could happen.)

3) Game five, a period may be viewed, especially a third one.  At this point, overtime becomes nearly mandatory viewing.

4) By game six, I may commit to watching two-thirds of a game, and overtime has become must-see TV.

5) Game seven: I follow the flow loosely until the third period, when a close game will hook me in for the duration.

Now that you know how to view the playoffs.  Place your votes on the big-money question for the first round:

How about you?  Any playoff routines or rituals?  Is this “the most wonderful time of the year”, or a waste of ten weeks?