Sunday Six-Pack (3)

Welcome to the weekend, and thanks for spending some time “Wandering & Wondering”.

A pressed few days toward departing for a week with Arrow Leadership bumped the Six-Pack by a day.  Aside from an extra twenty-four hours of aging, you’ll find the typical assortment of online offerings aimed to inspire and inform.  Generally, these articles are faith-focused or ministry-geared, but I reserve the right to live up to the “disorderly pile of who-knows-what” tagline at the top of this page!

In this “Sunday Edition”:

1) Kony 2012 and Thinking Critically
Dianna Anderson provides this helpful summary of the Kony 2012 kerfuffle from recent weeks, along with a challenge to figure what this means: “Thinking critically is not the same thing as thinking cynically.”

2) Jesus Was Funnier Than We Think
Relevant Magazine offers this take on why Christianity, for all it might make you do, should make you laugh.

3) Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Leaders
Want to be a poor leader and live a small life?  Here are seven keys for you.

4) Undone
Blogger Jonathan Stone highlights the beauty and power of “coming undone”, as opposed to the often-sought-after “holding it together”.  As Stone sums up his piece: “Blessed are those who come undone.”

5) The Tyranny of the Tentative
Do hesitant people make you nervous?  They should.  That’s because they are dangerous.  So says Tim Kimmel in this piece directed at fathers, friends, and faith-folks.

6) Is God Unfair?
The Zondervan blog offers this excerpt from Craig Groeschel’s book “The Christian Atheist”, tackling a question and sentiment that everyone feels at some point.

Have a great weekend, friends–renew yourself and reverence God.