Back on the Blogging Horse

I do not own a horse, never mind one that writes.

However, developing a steady writing rhythm has seemed nearly as impossible as discovering a pen-wielding pony!  Over my blogging journey, I have been bucked off more times than I can count.  But this latest two-month silence has been the hardest.

I WANT to write.  Less than four months ago, I even took a dare to assert this identity with four blunt words: I am a writer.

Did I jinx myself? Scare myself? Did the birth of our third child, all of whom are currently four and younger, have something to do with it?

I don’t believe the first, I might buy the second, and I definitely embrace the third, though I refuse to use it as a full-blown excuse.  There is never a perfect time to take a step forward; resistance and upward slope are always present.  I do not deny the uniqueness to our little-kids season of life, but I also recognize the foolishness of awaiting ideal conditions before moving one’s feet.

Perhaps this post can be one such step, the throwing of a leg back over a saddle that I insist on filling.

Let’s ride, my friends.