Six-Pack (51)

Six-Pack #51 marks the first one published on the new domain! But as always, it remains the (nearly) weekly spot for grabbing a half-dozen of the best “recent reads” I’ve discovered online regarding faith, ministry, or who-knows-what.

If six overwhelms, start with two. The *Picks of the Week* provide an easy starting point.

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Today’s edition:

1) Malcolm Gladwell on His Return to Faith (*PICK OF THE WEEK*)
How can one not enjoy Malcolm Gladwell? He’s original and provocative, strangely curious and curiously strange. And during the writing of his most recent book, he found his heart wandering back toward a faith he thought he’d closed the door on. Surprise!

2) What if Being Content is Ruining Your Life?
Contentment is typically sought after. What about when it begins to hold you back? Allison Vesterfelt wants you to consider.

3) Ten Reasons Church Leaders Should Further their Education
Having been impacted profoundly through my educational experiences, I need no convincing of this point. For those needing more material, Thom Rainer offers these ten reasons as starting points.

4) The Sad Cycle of Evangelical Biblical Scholarship
That title isn’t likely to merit many clicks here, but Peter Enns (a renowned scholar himself) expresses frustration here for Evangelicalism’s struggle to embrace biblical scholarship in its broadest sense. He questions a system that keeps people captive to fear. If you value learning or education or the Bible, this piece will likely intrigue you as it gives you a peek inside the world of those who shape the ideas that fill sermons and published works through our churches and homes.

5) Three Lies Entertainment Tells Us About Sex (*PICK OF THE WEEK*)
If your TV is your primary educator about sex, you’ve got a problem, Houston. Truth be told, you’ve got at least three.  Great piece from Relevant Magazine here!

6) 28 Leadership Lessons from Catalyst with Jeff Henderson
Jeff Henderson, of The Rocket Company, recently presented at the Catalyst Conference. Here were some thought-provoking nuggets of how churches work and don’t work well.

May the week ahead be filled with life, as the Father fills you with all you need!

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Saturday Six-Pack (16)

Welcome to the weekend.  Time again for some “Wandering & Wondering”.

Today’s Six-Pack features some of the best faith-focused and ministry-minded online pieces that have crossed my path recently.

In case six pieces is too daunting, skim the summaries and look for my two “Picks of the Week”.

In this edition:

1) The Mystery of a Lost Generation
The internetmonk Jeff Dunn has provided a beautiful piece here, weaving together a commentary on a couple recent CNN articles and a review of the latest album by Rush to communicate the truths of love and mystery that reside in God.  Well worth the read! **PICK OF THE WEEK**

2) 7 Objections to Going to Seminary
Justin Taylor scrapes the surface of an article by John Frame, entitled, “Learning at Jesus’ Feet: A Case for Seminary Training”.  As a graduate of such a school, I can attest to both the struggle and the value of the experience.

3) Am I Prone to Wander?
The classic hymn “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” has raised more than a few modern eyebrows with its talk of Ebenezer-raising.  However, Tim Challies would rather focus on another line.

4) America’s Premier Heresy
Scot McKnight is hitting the nail squarely in this piece.  He’s even naming names!  Read Revelation 2-3 and then this piece, and tell me if you think any of this material would be in the letter that Jesus would compose to your church today.  **PICK OF THE WEEK**

5) Dancing on the Edge of Finished
If you’ve ever felt like the “to do” list never ends, as if you can never achieve that peaceful satisfaction of “arriving”, then Seth Godin would like your attention for sixty seconds.

6) 17 Manly Quotes for Father’s Day
Take my wife’s favourite number, put a man-related quote beside each digit, and you’d get this list just in time for Father’s Day.

That’s all for now.  Enjoy your weekend, friends, through renewing yourself and reverencing God.