Why Tim Tebow Needs Prayers

A word I heard:

“You worry about the depth of your life, and God will worry about the breadth.”

The point? Spend your efforts and energy on the substance of your life.  Focus on your faith, your character, your core.  God will do the work of creating your stage, providing your realms for influence, and increasing them as He sees fit.  Our faithfulness in the first venture will receive God’s selected best in the second.

Thoughts like that impact my little life.

The also impact spotlight-dwellers like Tim Tebow.

Like or dislike Tebow, a few facts stand:

He never asked to be born athletic or handsome or charismatic or left-handed.  He never got a vote to be placed into a missionary family or to be granted some skills that prove fruitful within America’s chosen obsession.  But he DOES set himself on being a man of substance, one in whom kindness appears genuine, humility seems sincere, and purity is said to be authentic.

To be the people we need to be, we all need prayer enveloping us, power in play to counter and guard against every force eager to sabotage our efforts toward godliness and goodness.

But high-profile believers like Tebow often live with skin-covered enemies, hopeful to see his downfall, bent on helping it arrive.  Don’t believe me?  Check out what Noel Biderman is willing to throw a truckload of money toward.  Obviously, rich folks get to do what they choose with their money, and no doubt, slick businessmen know that any publicity is good publicity.  But neither of those are the point here.

The point is: Powerful and skeptical people disbelieve that life of real substance can even exist.  With no experience of a reality where “the one in you is greater than the one in the world”, they go beyond cynical to outright attacking the impossible possibility that people like Tebow claim (and appear) to personify.

And that is why Tim Tebow needs prayers.

Today, when you seek God’s strength for yourself, for your church, for your loved ones…

Add a New York quarterback to your list, that God will continue to strengthen His servants, WHEREVER He places us, to live lives that reflect His glory.