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The weekend slipped by me, but I refuse to miss another Six-Pack post. Let’s get at it!

If a half-dozen links feels daunting, start with the *Picks of the Week*, and branch from there.

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Today’s edition:

1) Should Churches Hire Youth Pastors? (*PICK OF THE WEEK*)
Trust Tony Campolo to ask an insightful, against-the-flow question on how churches allocate staff resources. He’s on to something here, make no mistake.

2)  Here’s How to Win by Coach Gregg Popovich
Derwin Gray looks back on the Spurs’ recent championship and draws these very brief lessons from the approach of their victorious coach.

3)  What the Amish Can Teach Us About Technology
This piece from Psychology Today makes a simple suggestion: Sometimes the informed experts on a topic aren’t the people you’re thinking of. Good post!

4)  Autopsy of a Burned Out Pastor
Thom Rainer‘s newest book is about dead churches. Here he borrows the metaphor to share research-findings about pastors who have fallen along the way.

5)  What Happens to the Brain During Spiritual Experiences? (*PICK OF THE WEEK*)
Ever heard of neurotheology? Me neither, until I read this post from The Atlantic. Pretty interesting stuff!

6) Where is All the Miraculous Healing in the US?
Charisma Magazine explores a question I’ve heard multiple times before: If miracles really happen, why does it seem like they almost never happen HERE?!

May your week ahead be filled with life, as you seek the One from whom it flows!

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