One Thousand Posts

1000_by_aveqiu1On July 30, 2006, one month after re-settling in Canada, I posted my first entry on a new blog that I had chosen to title, “Wandering & Wondering”. Nearly 106 months later, I am still here. This post will be #1001. Apparently 8 years is a millennium in blog-years!

Over that span, the diversity of content has definitely taken full advantage of the tagline at the top of this page: “a disorderly pile of who-knows-what”. A few posts have been profound, most have likely not. Some posts have ended up as I envisioned them, many not quite. A handful of posts have generated significant discussion; most have faded into cyber-oblivion with no response at all. Regardless, the experience of posting something — anything! — every third day has been a pleasure, one that I don’t intend to give up anytime soon.

1000-gamersThose who have joined me along the way, you are warmly welcomed. I’m so glad you’re here! For those who have wandered and wondered all the way along, I have no ability to reward you sufficiently for such outrageous companionship. You are clearly special people – certainly special, as in “wonderful”; likely also special, as in “needing more hobbies” as well. 😉

For tonight, it’s time to hit “publish” on this post. Now begins the quest to make the second thousand posts better than the first.

Grace and peace, my friends!