The God Out There

This series is now up on the Speaking page, in case you’re looking to catch up on missed material.

Parable of the Rich Fool

I went searching for a video online, something I could use for this Sunday’s lesson.

I found one, but it’s not one of these two…

1) I love that this one describes itself as “Produced to engage bible stories with the younger generation.”  It might work.

2) If my church was full of gamers, this would have been sweet… in an odd way.  But alas, that’s not my church family.

Technical Difficulties

I’ve been having all kinds of trouble posting the last month of lessons from church.  I don’t know if it’s me or the some revisions that WordPress has made, but my I’ve-done-this-a-million-times steps don’t seem to be having any success lately.

When time allows, I’ll try to tackle it.


For those who care, the Speaking page has been updated.  My couple weeks of recent holiday time had me falling behind.  But for the moment, I’m all caught up.

Enjoy the couple weeks of guest speakers!

Updated (29/30)

preachingicon.jpgI’m finally caught up on updating the Speaking page. Our series through Jesus’ letters to the churches in Revelation 1-3 just wrapped up, and I must say that I sure enjoyed working through those passages.

Of greatest interest, however, is likely the classes that have been added to the Speaking page. We’re in the midst of a fantastic weekly class being led by Stan Helton about what God’s mission in the world is, and how we are called to enter into what He’s up to.

This class was conceived when I asked Stan if he’d be willing to teach a class about the concept of the “missional church” without using the lingo that’s being pumped through an increasing number of “church books” these days.

Several weeks in, and our congregation is having conversations and asking questions of great weight. As Stan said in a recent class, this is not A discussion for the church. This is THE discussion. I would agree. Powerful thread of thought being shared week after week in these times…

If you’d care to join the discussion, the door is open to you!


PS: A friend told me that the Speaking page was not working for everything under the links “2007” and “2008”.  That has been remedied, and all is accessible now.