Battle of Blogging

battleI am getting clobbered.

I love to blog–I really do. I find significant satisfaction in stringing words together with enough attentive precision to accurately voice my unseen thoughts and emotions.

Yet I am doing that… almost never!

Some of this is external:

  • Schedules are tight.
  • Rhythms are scattered.
  • Commitments are compromised.

Some of this is internal:

  • Motivation is lacking.
  • Weariness is present.
  • Passion is waning.

Some of this is about writing:

  • Perhaps I have a block.
  • Perhaps I wish I had a block.
  • Perhaps I am unsure why this is worth the effort.
  • Perhaps I am discouraged by the realization that a guy who cannot consistently post 500 words is wildly dreaming if he ever wishes to publish a book of 50,000.

Some of this has nothing to do with writing:

  • Time in Scripture is a hard push right now.
  • Desire to pray is weaker than I wish.
  • I am doing too much and being too little.

Sometimes one battle is waged on a dozen fronts. Sometimes I look like Braveheart. Sometimes I forget my sword at home. Sometimes I swing a pool noodle.

For today, I will derive my ounce of satisfaction from seeing that something got posted on October 28, 2014. It was scattered and sorry, but at its least, it was a marker on the wandering-and-wondering path!

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2 thoughts on “Battle of Blogging

  1. Gotta start somewhere. And admitting you suck at it is the first step to improving.

    I had a few month drought there in the spring. Nothing would come out, even if I wanted it to. Eventually in a frustration of work/life/writing, I sat down and the only therapy I had was writing on my blog without any real filter or worry about who was going to read it. It slowly picked up after that.

    Posting pictures, stolen lyrics, etc was at least enough to remind me that this medium exists when I need it most. So when you need it, it’ll be here. This blog is a good start.

    And if I can write a book of 50,000 words, anyone can.

    Good luck.

    • Hey Nic, thanks for the comment. Even if it was about sucking. Most of the writers I really appreciate tell me that they write more for themselves than anyone else. Some claim it’s like breathing for them — do it or die! I’m not sure it’s quite like that for me, but I do feel a beckoning to the challenge of it.

      As for 50K, I’ll keep trudging. Perhaps my first book can coincide with your 20th!

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