I’ve Been iPhoned

After nearly six weeks of debating (that’s because I’m a lunatic and a cheapskate inside), I pulled the trigger on acquiring an iPhone.

My primary motive was to use the phone to make more extensive use of Evernote, a program that is quickly endearing itself to me, as it provides order to my daily life.  Beyond that, I now have some learning ahead on how to maximize this new capable-of-much gadget in my pocket.

So iPhone friends, guide me:

What are a couple must-have apps?

Slickest tool or trick you’ve discovered on your iPhone?

The best suggestions will receive public praise on my less-than-heavily followed Twitter account!

9 thoughts on “I’ve Been iPhoned

  1. I’m not super technically gifted in fact I am somewhat on the challenged side. But I do love my iPhone. Devin has taught me most of my short cuts so it would be useful to spend ten minutes with him. However I love to get all me emails on it from home, work and other. There are lots of little time slots to quickly go through them when you are waiting at an appt or waiting for kids or whatever. then ESP for work I dont have an extra 20-30 minutes of work at the end of he day to finish up. Some apps I love include UYH Gold. This is essentially an organized list but you can write with your fingertip rather than type. Very quick very easy. DerManDar is a cool camera to take panoramas. The cyclemeter keeps track of our walks runs bikes hikes etc. keeps an ongoing tally throughout the year and gives you your pace as well as a map of where you were. Very cool very inspiring for getting out there. Planner&(something) is my favorite scheduler. It gives me a month at a glance and actual words so I know what is going on those days. Very much love this one. It’s not just a dot on they day where you have to go to that specific day to find out what’s on. mSecure is great to keep all your passwords for accounts pin numbers pass codes. Etc etc. as I’m getting older I’m having a harder tone keeping these straight. You do have to have a password to access it but you set up a clue so can know how to get in. Star walk can name the constellations when you point the camera to the skies at night. Very cool. Since it has a GPS you can use the geocaching app to find caches literally all over the globe. Very fun. I’ve use the iHandy Level on more than one occasion. Mostly for hanging pictures for Joyce. We’ll sometimes look up old podcasts from CBC radio app to listen to on trips. I also use my pitch pipe app for Sunday worship when leading songs. Check out the notification centre in settings to chose which things you want to automatically come up on your screen. Then you have a pull down optind to check those quickly then move them back out of the way. Well this should give you a couple options to play with. Oh. We also are listening as a family to the bible dramatized. Years ago we tried to listen to the bible on tape while traveling but it was such a snore feat that we nearly drove into the ditch on several occasions. But with this being dramatized it is better. OK it a times is hokey but I like it. Probably the best thing about my phone from my kids perspective is that I actually have it with me, actually have it turned on, and actually will get there distress calls.
    HoPe all is well. Take care
    Barb. ( this BTW is sent from my phone do excuse any random misspellings. )

  2. All of these are free:

    I’ll second Flipboard for news (and social media – it’s a better way to flip through Twitter and Facebook than Twitter and Facebook).
    Photosynth for taking cool panoramas with no effort.
    Waze for spoken turn-by-turn GPS driving directions (better than MapQuest, which is the other free alternative).
    YouVersion/Lifechurch.tv’s Bible app.
    TED for inspiring speeches.
    Dropbox for sending files back and forth to the computer.

    • Stephen, I was hoping you’d chime in, as you are certainly one of the most tech-savvy people I know. Thanks for the list; I’ll certainly check those out.

      A further question: Do you use Dropbox regularly? I know a few people who swear by it, but I’ve never really investigated how valuable a tool it might be.

      • Yeah, Dropbox is great because it takes technical issues out of the equation. If you save a file into the folder on your computer, the file will be available on your iPhone (and backed up online) automatically. I kept my entire MBA coursework in my Dropbox because I knew I’d still have it if something happened to my computer. It’s really good for transferring photos and videos back and forth, too.

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