The Position of Power: Time to Kneel

In doing a bit of research about the Moravian movement, I came across this article.  Below is one clip from it that stirs the embers of my all-too-weak, but always-dreaming-to-be-more prayer life.

Seriously, can anything less than people desperately seeking God bring genuine revival on both personal and corporate levels?

From my kitchen chair, a touch after midnight, I vote, “No.”

In May 1727, Count Zinzendorf and the leaders of the community felt God calling them to prayer at a deeper level. They committed themselves to praying round the clock, beginning a 24/7 prayer meeting that lasted over 100 years involving not only the adults but the children of the movement. In August of that the minister at the Sunday morning service was “overwhelmed by the wonderful and irresistible power of the Lord.” A move of God broke out, with people testifying that “hardly knew whether they belonged to earth or had already gone to heaven. We saw the hand of God and were all baptized with his Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost came upon us and in those days great signs and wonders took place in our midst.” Over 10 years later John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church visited the community where the revival was still taking place. He experienced a powerful encounter with God that was to shape his own personal relationship with God and his ministry.

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