Riders VS Ti-Cats (July 16, 2011)

This game was on TV as my daughter’s first birthday party was happening–did I mention how happy I was that there was SOMETHING else to pay attention to?!

Another quiet blessing was that a fantastic and focused time at church certainly tasted no drag from “football chat”–there was simply nothing to say!  (At least nothing that should be spoken in a church, I suppose.)

Offense: Is there anything to even talk about here?!  Three points in a game, trailing 23-0 before we earned a first down,… wow.  One thought might be that we are missing Fantuz and Bagg more than I thought we would.  I know everyone deals with player movements, but it’s more than apparent that the chemistry our offense enjoyed the past couple seasons is nowhere near present today.  Time to get into the lab, boys!

Defense: More film to dissect, as a previously inept Hamilton offense looked like that of a contender against us.  We get so little push from our front four that I can’t help but wonder if opposing O-lines are circling us on their calendars as “casual day” at work.

Special Teams: Nothing noteworthy about Tristan Jackson yet this season.  I hope that changes soon.  On the positive side, special teams accounted for all our points.

Opponent: Getting stomped by a team you should beat, when you should be desperate… that was hard to take.  “You’re welcome, Hamilton, for being your stepping stool upward.”

Overall: 0-3; definitely discouraging, but certainly not the end.  A road trip to Montreal this week though seems hardly the prescription for healing.  Prove the masses wrong, boys!

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