Riders VS Alouettes (July 24, 2011)

Who’d have thunk it?

After looking plain ole “bad” the previous three weeks, we come out and steal a gutsy win in Montreal.

Offense: Finally, they awakened.  That long bomb to Dressler was literally our first “big play” of the season.  Cates ran well, and the boys finally showed up.  When Durant runs, good things happen.  Take note of this.  Also take note that handing off to your backup RB with under 45 seconds left, deep in your own end, is a sure-fire way to enrage the masses of the Rider nation.

Defense: Of course, people will wonder what would have happened if AC hadn’t been hurt.  However, I liked seeing us two-and-out him a few times BEFORE we knocked him out.  The D came to play today.

Special Teams: Eddie Money… that’s what they’re calling the surprisingly accurate place-kicker we’ve found ourselves.  Well done, Eddie.

Opponent: Stealing a win against Montreal, IN Montreal… that’s just huge.  Dare I dream that we can NOW get this season rolling.

Overall: Big showdown with the Stamps next week for… wait for it… 2nd place in the West.  Hopefully, momentum can carry, and we finally get a win at home now.

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