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A change is here.

Some recent reading from fellow bloggers has left its mark on me.  They spoke of the positive power that their blogging habits have had in their lives.  While I liked the sounds of their words, I knew I was listening as a partial outsider to the experience.  I’ve derived pleasure from the occasional bout of word-wrestling on here.  I like the avenue for sharing oddness found online or making general observations about life.  On a simple level, it is nice to have a venue where news can be shared and life can be chronicled.

And for those items, this blog works.

But those observations from others confirmed something for me.  This activity (blogging) could wield more weight for me.  Translation: A venue for more focused thought might do me good.  There is a natural clarifying power found in writing.  Swimming through thoughts deeply enough to give words to them is, for me, a helpful process.  However, walking those steps for a rant about the Roughriders or a musing about the latest election results doesn’t wield nearly the same power in my life as writing about spiritual life and all the ups and downs of that journey.  I think I began blogging largely for that purpose.  The title “Wandering and Wondering” was chosen to keep the blog-borders fairly loose.  Under that guise, anything went.  And it has!  And it will continue to.

But I’ve reached a point where I’m feeling the need to re-assert my original purpose in blogging, with a renewed focus.

So I’m blogging elsewhere.

It may or may not surprise you that over the past few years, the word “mysticism” has come to be one of my favourite mental toys.  I look at it, feel it, roll it around.  I wonder about it and crave after it.  While the term itself suggests mystery, even oddness, I have felt drawn toward it for years now.

In a sentence, “mysticism” speaks of the pursuit of God.  It is wrapped up in a desire to know Him intimately and experientially.  It speaks of a longing for oneness with the Divine.

On one level, this may sound “out there”.  On another level, it should sound straight out of the New Testament.

Meandering Mystic is where I’ll pursue this topic in written form.  You’ll see even in that title my “wandering nature” still present.  However, the meandering of that site will be driven by a single quest to seek more of God.

I am looking to become more myself in the process.

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