Fasting From… What?! (Lent: Day 6)

For most who observe it, Lent is typically a season of fasting.  People stop eating chocolate or watching TV or using Facebook.

Then there’s Margaret Feinberg.  She’s decided for this Lent season to give up prayer.

Well, that’s  a touch misleading.  I’ll let her clarify…

Why I’m Giving Up Prayer for Lent


I’ve been thinking a lot about Lent this year and wondering how best to walk through the next seven weeks. I know people who are giving up Twitter, chocolate, and a long list of self-indulgent or addictive activities and foods.

As I’ve reflected, I’ve decided to give up prayer for Lent. Okay, maybe not all prayer, but lengthy prayers in my personal time with God. I recently heard a sermon by our friend, Jay, which highlighted the importance of praying simple but potent prayers. As I’ve been mulling over this concept, I realize how mindless I’ve become in my own prayer life. Yes, I feel free to express every desire, whim, ache and need to God–which is a good thing!–except that at times my prayers sound like a gushing four-year-old who talks in an eternal run on sentence. I realize that over time I’ve been increasingly unspecific and unattentive in my prayer life.

That’s why I’m giving up prayer for Lent. Or at least long prayers. For the next 40 days, I’m committed to only offering God three word prayers.

Help me Lord. Heal oh Jesus. Give grace abundant. Grant strength now. Thank you, God.

I’m hopeful the discipline will help me be more thoughtful in my prayer, more strategic in the things I ask God, more focused on Jesus, more ready to listen, more prepared to unleash heartfelt worship and gratitude on Easter morning.*

How are you preparing your own heart during this season of Lent?

(Please note that this will be in my personal times–so if you see me praying in more than three words in public, extend grace please. Photo source.).

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