Up Again

“It’s not how many times you fall down; it’s how many you get up.”

I heard that somewhere.  I’m sure whoever said it wasn’t speaking of blogging.  But since they aren’t here to defend proper context, I’m using it.  March 2010 was the month of zero posts for me.  Wow–that’s a feat.  Even more impressive (or depressing) after my December commitment.

Time to get back up.

Though I aim for consistency (in any way), I’m discovering that I’m more like Chelsey than I might have thought–aside from super-creative and married to Pete and a mother.  In those ways, I was clear about our differences.

So as something of a middle ground, I’m aiming for four posts per week from here until June 1.

That might sound ambitious on the heels of my recent failures, but it’s easier than it looks.  For all of May, I’m signed up for another travel class that presses me into a self-imposed write-or-I’ll-kill-you frame of mind.  So it’s really just April when I have to navigate my you-should-write-but-you-don’t-really-have-to tightrope.

Let’s press “publish” and get this thing started.

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