Hanging in Heathrow

Today, I was presented with a ten-hour layover in one of the world’s busiest airports.  I was quickly reminded of a few things:

  • People-watching is fun, and the variety is simply staggering.
  • The shops that operate in airports indicate to me that I must be on the lower end of the I-would-make-an-impulse-purchase-of-a-diamond-watch spectrum.  Apparently, that spectrum goes up a long ways from where I sit.
  • Every major airport is ALWAYS doing some form of construction project.
  • Hearing a variety of accents in one location wakes up my ears.
  • London is expensive, one of the key reasons I’ve never spent more than a partial day here.

I also learned a few new things:

  • Trying to take some airport pictures for your blog can get you reprimanded by someone in a uniform.
  • It’s a treat to have a laptop with a battery that lasts longer than five minutes–truly revolutionary!
  • A nap on an airport bench can be more satisfying than one might expect.
  • One’s appetite can be kept in check adequately by menus with prices requiring remortgaging back home.
  • I like traveling with “my girls” more than I like traveling alone.  Alone is simpler with less to carry.  But “with” is far more fun!  Any future adventures will be “with”.

2 thoughts on “Hanging in Heathrow

  1. Proof again that England in a police state. Man I’m surprised they didn’t try to take your camera away! Well hope you will do well on your trip, and keep taking pictures anyway.

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