Blog Block

I admit it: I’ve been in a serious bout of blog block.

Not counting this minor post, I’ve blogged 10 times since October 15.

That’s 44 days.

That’s a tidy quotient of one post every 4.4 days.  Spin that equation a different direction, and I find that I only put up 1.59 posts per week, which I fear is pretty pathetic.

So it’s time to jump back on this wagon.  I’m not even calling it a New Year’s resolution–I’m just going to do it.  I can’t even blame my slacking on a lacking of material–I’ve got a half-written, half-unwritten list that’s been growing.  I’ve just been failing to lay the fingers of the keys.

So here I sit with nothing more inspiring than fingers moving on keys, and I’m counting that success for Boxing Day 2009.

For now, I’ll call it a night and aim to build on this before the next 4.4 days pass.

Good night.

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