The Struggle for Contentment

I was riding the bus today.  I nearly never do, but I was today.  So I used the time to listen to a podcast.

The fellow was speaking about wealth and generosity and more.  He shared a few statistics about wealth: If your household income is over $40 000, you’re in the top 4% of the world.  If it’s over $50 ooo, you jump right into the top 1% of the world, the richest people on the planet.

Yet we never FEEL rich.

How does that work?

He proposed a very simple theory–we never feel rich because most of us spend a lot more time thinking about what we don’t have than about what we do have.

And that leads us away from contentment.

And that isn’t the direction I want to be walking.

1 thought on “The Struggle for Contentment

  1. i just wrote a chapter in my book about contentment.. i would love to share it with you, but then you would have no incentive to buy my book in ten years when i finish it.

    basically i’m not sure contentment is what we need. but it all depends on what you are discontent with. if you are content with your situation enough that you don’t look for progression, then i don’t think that contentment is where we want to be. but if you are content to a point of peace and acceptance but still with a progression in mind, then it’s good.

    if that makes sense…

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