Riders ’09: Game 8 (Mtl)


The bye week’s come and gone, and Labour Day is nearly here.  Before we arrive at the madness that is the Labour Day Classic, it’s time to mark our last game, a “good” loss in Montreal.  I say “good” because I was just thrilled to see us battle with the Als.  A few things that stood out to me as I watched…

  • Durant is coming along–it was great to see him hit a number of long passes.  He held his own against Calvillo, to be sure.
  • Three sacks on Calvillo is no easy task–the D came to play.
  • Getting stuffed three times from the one–that was hard to watch.  If I ever see another run up the middle, it’ll be too soon for me.
  • Dressler is the man!  Seriously, that guy needs to be a Rider for his entire career.  He was born to play football here.
  • Our run defense has stepped up the last two games, and that is a big deal.  Hopefully, we make Fred Reid look less-than-average this week.
  • Our boys showed some character.  After Taylor’s TD return, we responded quickly with a score of our own.  And right up until the end, we stood toe to toe and traded shots with the Als.  It was a treat to watch that kind of spirit and fight–I hope we see it every game.

In case you missed the action, I’ll close with some highlights from Montreal…

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