Riders ’09: Game 11 (Edm)


A tough loss but a great game.  As a football fan, I don’t see any way that you couldn’t like that one.  Sure, a Rider win would have been better, but an entertaining game is worth plenty to this fan.

Some observations…

  • I debated whether or not to bring my coat.  End result: I left it in the car.  I was actually glad when the rain began as I discovered that a plastic rain cape offers a surprising amount of warmth.
  • Besides Ricky Ray, the Eskimo I’d most like to see as a Roughrider is Fred Stamps.  That guy can play!
  • People in our section were griping about not getting enough pressure on Ray.  My question: How do you expect that to happen when he hardly held the ball for three seconds all day?  There’s nothing wrong with giving a great offense some credit.
  • And the Esks’ offense was great for most of the day.  We had no control whatsoever of them until the third quarter.
  • Durant played well–no real mistakes that I recall.
  • Getzlaff is a keeper.  If we end up losing Fantuz in free agency or in a trade, this kid will step up into that place nicely.  If Andy stays, I’m not sure Clermont has a long future here.
  • Rob Bagg makes a spectacular catch nearly every game.
  • Stevie Baggs has two sacks now this season using his spin move.  It can’t work all the time, but when it does, it is beautiful.
  • Going deep to Bagg on a 2nd and 1 was gutsy and brought a roar to the stadium.
  • Faking that punt was gutsy too.  Boreham is the toughest punter in the league–not even close.
  • The Esks faking a punt on a following drive–also gutsy.  I did NOT see that coming.
  • We had two straight two-and-outs in the 4th.  A couple first downs there, and we likely win.  Edmonton made key stops to get the ball back for that winning score.

As I said, all in all a good game.  Most of us would be happy to split these two games with Edmonton.  I’d expected us to win at home and lose next week.  Guess we’ll have to go steal one on the road now.

That’s it.  Live from the Queen City, this is me signing off.

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