Riders ’09: Game 6 (BC)


This game happened right before I headed into the bush for a week at camp, so that’s my man-I’m-late-this-time excuse.  Here’s what I remember from this game…

  • Martell Mallett is a beast of a running back.  If his bruising style doesn’t shorten his career, he could be a heck of a player.
  • Throwing Jyles in for the 4th–I wasn’t a fan of that move.  It wasn’t Durant that was causing us grief, in my opinon.
  • Blowing that big lead was tough to take.
  • Barron Miles blocking that late convert was an athletic display, for sure.

All in all, being 3-3 after 6 games is about where I thought we’d be.  With the West as tight as it is, this was a tough one to lose.  But we’re still in the hunt for sure.

And on the season goes…

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