What I Meant to Say

On Sunday, I shared a lesson entitled “Unanswered Prayers”.  I hope that it was helpful to the questions that run through all of our minds at one time or another when we bring heartfelt requests to God.

As with most sermons, I can always think afterwards of changes I’d have made.  I might have said THAT differently.  I’d have used a different tone in making that point.  I wish I hadn’t said that at all!  And a million more such thoughts.

And as is usually the case, two days after the fact, I’ve found the right words.  What I meant to say was not much.  I should have just told this story at one point…

“A doctor who worked in a Swiss sanatorium used to pray two prayers as he went to see his patients:

‘O God, if this person will glorify you more by being healed, use us here for his healing.’

‘O God, if this person will glorify you more by remaining sick, let him be sick.’

That would have done a fair bit of what I attempted to do, and it would have been briefer and pointier.  So there it is, two days late.

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