Punting is for Pansies

That’s the word according to Pulaski Academy’s coach Kevin Kelley.  Coach Kelley is a numbers geek who decided to use an “idiotic” strategy, which he felt was sound by the stats…

An entire season of not punting.

End result?

A state championship.

Football buffs, check it out HERE.

Everyone else, keep moving and have a Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Punting is for Pansies

  1. I love people who think like this coach. If we could do less punting (or whatever it’s church behavioral equivalent is) I wonder what benefits the kingdom of heaven would experience? We seem so tied to what has always been instead of being willing to experiment. I guess experimenting is too much like disobedience But only if God forbade it, right?!

  2. John, trust you to take my simple football post and add a few layers of depth to it! But I think you’re on to something. Who’s to say that “safe and careful” is really safe at all? That kind of thinking would lead me to bury my money in fear of losing it by doing anything else.

    If only someone would take that image and create a story about it…

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