Sports Post #2: Henry Burris

If Calgary wins the Grey Cup tomorrow, it’s going to feel like the longest off-season in recent memory for the rest of the world.

If Montreal wins, it’s going to feel like that to the yacky bunch that call themselves the Stampeders.

With some of that cash he’s making, Sir Henry should really go out and rent a movie.  Two recommendations: Bambi (take special note of all words spoken to Thumper) or Hancock (because THAT overhaul-your-image-P.R. guy might be handy to meet).

There’s no denying he’s got talent.  In fact, he’s got enough to be one of the CFL greats.  But there’s more to being a star than just talent.  Anthony Calvillo and his Als have shown nothing but class.  Henry and his boys seem to be capable of only pulling off three of those five letters.

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