Blogging lately has fallen low on my list.  Much of that has had to do with a load of changes over the past couple months.

So consider this a quick catch-up, I-should-have-posted-this-before post.

The end of July saw us sell off the first home we’d ever owned to buy another.  The whole thing happened quickly, and I don’t likely need to explain the work involved in packing up a whole house and moving it to any of you.

The new house is bigger and newer, though neither of those were why we bought it.  We are using the new house to run an approved mental health home.  Translation: We have four adults who live with us.  We monitor their medications, supply food and meals for them, and aim to create a healthy and stable home for them to be a part of.  So beyond the normal disorder of moving in and settling a new place, this responsibility has been in the mix since day one.  All in all, it’s gone VERY well; it’s just added one more major change to the pile.  All of this (selling a house we loved, buying more house than we needed, and taking on the approved home) sprung from our desire to have a parent at home when we had kids “in the future”.

As was posted some time back, “the future” has arrived.  We are within two weeks of our due date, so the changes are about to continue!

For good friends of ours, this post is likely all old news.  But I’m told blogs are at least partially for updating people on your life–particularly if you’re not part of the Facebook cult–so consider this my way-overdue update.

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