Look Elsewhere

Consider me the Wal-Mart greeter this morning.  Unless, of course, you choose not to shop at Wal-Mart, then just consider me a helpful human compass.

The blog posts you really should read today aren’t here.  Let me point you in the right direction.

One of them was written by my friend Greg.  It weaves a timeless tale of an mega-website and a young couple’s journey toward a more spacious home.  Well-written and engaging.  This post is sure to be well-loved by readers around the globe.  Melodramatic novel review now OFF.  You should go read this post about stuff.  It’s HERE.

The other was posted by my bro-in-law, Steve.  It’s about the funeral of a woman named Wendy Graffunder.  I do not know her or her family, but Steve’s post shares what Wendy’s husband Frank shared at the memorial service.  Deeply moving… that’s for sure.  I felt connection to a man and a family that I’ve never met.  Read it–it will do nothing but good for you and your loved ones.  That post is HERE.

Signing off…

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