The Corporation

An intriguing DVD was handed to me last week.

“The Corporation” looks at (wait for the plot twist here)… the corporation!  It explores how these mega-companies have come to exist, how they’ve grown so unbelievably large, and the massive role that they play in the world today.

Things learned while watching ranged from a number of “Hmmm.  Well, I never knew that” to a few “Wow, THAT IS significant” to a couple of “What the @&*%^?!”.

It’s a bit over 2 hours, but I’d recommend it to anyone who’s got an interest in understanding a bit more of what makes our world tick.

And if you’re not someone who’s got such an interest, then I’d especially recommend it to you.

More can be found at The Corporation.

3 thoughts on “The Corporation

  1. I would second the recommendation.

    A number of things in the film absolutely blew me away, including how corporations came to be and the race by corporations to patent forms of life.

    I have a copy if anyone would like to borrow it.

  2. I am all for this Kingdom movement that aligns itself with these social justice “hacks” that promote fairness for less priveleged folks. For example, I personally refuse to shop at Wal-Mart because of oppressive labour practices linked to their “roll back” prices on things like clothing. However, I think we need to be careful not to fall into the trap that a lot of liberal churches have found themselves. The cause for social justice needs to happen in the context of the Kingdom of God as an earthly AND a spiritual kingdom. If we forget about the Kingdom as a spiritual reality, we will become another secular organization that puts so much focus on revamping social structures. This makes the social structures an end in themselves and not a means to an end. The end needs to be the Glory of the Living God.

  3. You are bang-on with some of that assessment, Darin.

    Part of the trouble is that we (people in general) have so much trouble seeing things as BOTH/AND. We seem prone to seeing things as EITHER/OR.

    But when it comes to recognition of Jesus’ kingdom as a spiritual kingdom that touches EVERY part of life AND of the reign of God on earth that calls for kingdom citizens to be pursuers and do-ers of justice… then the call is definitely big enough to include both.

    In some ways, these discussions of justice are just conversations that God’s people should always be having… just with very society-based language.

    Who’s next to weigh in on this?

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