Is it Getting Cool in Here, Or is it Just Me?

Uncool is CoolSo we got on a cleaning kick last night. We plowed through our CD’s and cassettes (Yes, we still had some of those around!) But before giving away some of these beauties, I’m putting them on my computer so I can still listen to a few favourites of a decade (and century) gone by.

Today, I’m loading them up… and it struck me…

This song USED to be awesome! Something has moved. I’m pretty sure the signal of that disc is burned in with a laser, so it’s not that. So either I got less cool or that music lost a step. Let’s not debate that question here, shall we?

So come on. Let’s open up. Who made your list of “used to sound cool” music recently?

Mine: A great band named Plankeye, whose albums grabbed me by the throat in my college years. Today? I can likely pass these blessings on to someone else.

4 thoughts on “Is it Getting Cool in Here, Or is it Just Me?

  1. It’s happened to me, especially with a certain group that I’m scared to name but I had almost every album they put out for a few years there. Weird.

    With me the phenomenom is working in an opposite way as well… I’m liking older music that I didn’t pay much attention to years ago… aka LP’s of Hank Snow.

  2. It’s not actually J – but that makes me want to take a listen to “Beyond Belief” and test it out – I have a feeling they might also fit. I’ll give you another hint – it starts with A and ends with ella?

  3. I understand how you feel about older music. We tend to change what we listen to over time, but another weird trend is the music we listen to in our 20s-30s is the music we will likely listen to for the rest of our lives, not the music from our formative years previous to this. Most of the music I listen to has been either made in the late 90’s or the 00’s. That or it is 1940’s or older (down to maybe 1700’s classical music)

    For example. When I was in elementary school I remember my first cassette tape was one of the Beach Boys. I remember the tape cover and everything. I loved that tape and the music on it. Now a days if I hear the Beach Boys I turn them offf. Its as if when I used to listen to it I couldn’t hear the sour notes or harmonies that I hear in their music today. I am also the same as Tim with a certain band, though occasionally I will put out one favorite song on my Blackberry to listen to.

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