CFL Blessing

Another season is upon us, and you already know it’s going to be a good one…

  • Friday night’s game was played during a period of blue skies, minimal wind, and comfortable temperatures… all this after half a week of rain and cold. As happy fans slept Friday night, the rains fell again. A sign of blessing? I say YAY.
  • A win is never hard to take, even in pre-season. Does it count? Not really. But it DOES say that we’ve got some great young guys fighting for jobs, and this team should be hungry this year. It’s not every champion that can say that in the year after winning it all. I say YAY.
  • Nobody got injured. I say YAY.
  • Nobody played himself off the team YET, and a number of newcomers came out with good showings. Among the best have to be Stu Foord, Denetay Heard, Adarius Bowman, and Steven Jyles. And there were more good showings than that! Yay.

Will we repeat this year? A TAD early to say. Will the season be a good ride? I’d say the chances are pretty good. Buckle in and get ready–GO GREEN

On a side note…

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