MFP: Chris Paul

I recognize that I live in a part of the continent that pays little attention to the NBA. I recognize also that the famous teams with the big names get the lights shining on them, but Chris Paul has got to be one of the most forgotten players when it comes to major hoops discussions.

His past five games look like this…

27 points, 17 assists
26 points, 17 assists
37 points, 11 assists
25 points, 16 assists
23 points, 18 assists

And last month, he had a couple like this…

31 points, 11 assists, 9 steals
42 points, 9 assists, 8 steals

Anyone who nearly triple-doubles with steals… well, I don’t know what to say about that!

Chris Paul for MFP… give him a bit of time, and that’ll be MVP.

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