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Below is an email I just sent to my family.  You’ve invited to be “part of the gang”, if you wish… 

Hi all,

We’ve had zero access to the internet until today, but we’ve been alive and well the whole time so far!  We just arrived in Jerusalem this afternoon, after four days in the Galilee region.  There are some amazing things to see here, and even the simple act of driving the countryside just makes me shake my head… King Solomon built stables on that mountain… the Assyrian empire destroyed this city on their way to Jerusalem… Deborah led the people through this valley… Saul and Jonathan died in these hills somewhere… Jesus grew up a few miles from where I’m sleeping… crazy thoughts! 

Our hotel is just inside the city walls of Jerusalem’s Old City.  We went exploring just an hour ago–went strolling on the Via Dolorosa, thought to be the road Jesus walked on the way to the cross.  This whole land is like the biggest museum on earth; every corner seems to bring something else.  Part of it is the age of this place, but its small size just highlights things because it’s as if layer after layer of history are just piled on top of one another.

Food’s been great so far, and our accomodations have been comfortable.  Things are expensive here–more than Canada–so our we-love-cheap-things-in-Asia experiences are making this seem pricey.  Ah well, we’re here and won’t be in a few weeks, so we’ll enjoy the experience while it lasts.

Pass this on to anyone you think might care to read it.

Love to you all,

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  1. Your description is bringing back memories… like you said, there are so many things to see around every corner. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled… you can walk right by some amazing things without even realizing it (as an example, I walked right past an excavation of part of the wall Nehemiah re-built and didn’t even know it until I recognized a picture of it in a book 2 years later!)

    By the way, I just got off the phone with the Joneses (Kori and Lisa)… they entered Israel today and are probably hot on your heals (I think they start their tour in Tel Aviv tomorrow). I let them know you guys are there so they may try to track you down if it works out.

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