On the Road Again (9/30)

We’ve done it.

We’ve entered “save every single buck” mode yet again. The seat sales being advertised broke us down, twisted our arms behind our backs, and forced us to buy plane tickets.

You need to realize that we were coerced to do this… or something like that.

So look out Israel!

Oh yes, you heard it correctly. Easter 2008… we’re booked to be staying in a hostel within the old city of Jerusalem, just blocks from where the Temple once stood. In the days before and after Easter, we plan to explore much of the rest of Israel, as well as squeezing in some quick side trips to Jordan and Egypt.

Excited? Yeah… you could say that!

More on this as plans firm up…

4 thoughts on “On the Road Again (9/30)

  1. My mom just told me about this a couple days ago – including the fact that you are going with my favourite three boy cousins! I’m sure they’re pretty fun to travel with!

    Sounds like a great trip – I’m glad you have this opportunity! I’m looking forward to hearing about it from this end!

  2. I’m jealous Jason… I’d love to go back there again sometime. I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time. It’s a special experience. If you want some pointers on where to go, let me know.

  3. Make sure to take your digital cameras and extra memory cards. Also make sure that you take tons of pictures. I’m certain many back home will want to have the “At home version” guided tour of the Holy Land when you get back. I know I would love to see them! Have a great trip!

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