How do you Spell… (3/30)

The name of that pretty frost that coats trees in the winter?

No dictionaries allowed. Don’t even think about looking it up!

My wife and I are having a discussion on how people commonly spell (and say) this word. It’s time for THE PEOPLE to chime in, so leave your comment with your spelling of choice.

PS: The first ten responses will be used in a highly scientific bit of research.

8 thoughts on “How do you Spell… (3/30)

  1. Okay, clearly the readers of this blog are a nerdier crowd than I’d anticipated. Who’s have thought that I’d get my most comments for a post about spelling!

    It’s unanimous… and in agreement with Webster. But at least Jeremy hit the bulls-eye that this is a very stupid word. “Hoar”… it’s words like that that get English nominated as the dumbest language on the planet.

    And no, I never spelled it THAT way… even I’m not that dense!

    Moving on…

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