Deliver Us

We’re headed to Manitoba this weekend…

Visiting my sister and her husband.

Catching THIS with them in Winnipeg.

Speaking HERE on Sunday morning in Brandon.

Then we’ll squeeze in a lunch visit with THIS old friend and his family.

The song beneath is a very favourite of mine, and it’s supposed to serve as a bit of the springboard behind Sunday’s lesson.

Any ideas to share?

4 thoughts on “Deliver Us

  1. you’re going to steve bell again?! you and shannon are hardcore fans. but i would definitely go again as well, if i had the chance. it was amazing! enjoy it for the second time!

  2. Jill, I’m not sure my sister would normally buy such tickets, so someone had to initiate the move. If it needed to be us… well, we’d counted the cost and bravely stepped up. I know you’re inspired by such courage and sacrifice! ; )

  3. What a beautiful song, and who is this Derek Webb gentleman?

    A bit of a psalm, a bit of a Christmas carol in that there’s almost an anticipation and hope of what will happen next.

    I like it because it’s me, I will never outgrow the need for the gospel, and I pray I never think that I have.

  4. i’m in manitoba this weekend too.
    winnipeg, means, friday night. you might as well come.
    The Garrick Theatre, downtown. it’ll be a good one.

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