Grey Cup Champs

Forgive my delay in posting this…

Pretty game? No, I wouldn’t say that.

But the truth is…

People don’t remember which wins were pretty or not. They just remember who won.

And when they remember 2007…

They’ll remember the Riders as champs!

5 thoughts on “Grey Cup Champs

  1. Ha Ha Ha. Love to hear Rider fans consoling themselves.
    I think its obvious what would have happened if we had a quarterback who had played more than one game.

    Still, congrats. A deserved win. *cough*


    The truth is that I wish I were a Rider fan, and I feel handicapped by having been indoctrinated at a young age towards the Bombers. Cheer for me, Jason. I am a sorry fellow with a sorry team.


  2. John. you might be misunderstanding – we’re not consoling our selves cause you didn’t have your quarterback – to be honest we’d take a grey cup win – especially over the blue bombers – if your whole offense had broken legs and we were playing a high school team… it’s just nice to win, and especially when it’s against our poor neighbours to the east!

  3. Okay, for public record… I added the italicized portion to my friend John’s comments. He’s not nearly as pitiful as I made him out to be.

    And yes, John, we join you in dreaming of better days in Oiler-land.

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