One question should have tipped me off…

“Would you like to settle your account BEFORE you go in?”

So I urge you: Take note. Good businesses and services don’t ask for money before service.

But that’s what the oral surgeon did before drugging me and yanking all of my wisdom teeth yesterday. You can lay off the “loss of wisdom” jokes too; I’m too swollen to laugh with you!

And as I sat there, waiting for “the gas”, a college memory came to me…

Communications class with John (that’s THE John to many of you). We were supposed to introduce each other to the class. I went first. Then John stepped up. He did all the details, then he moved to speaking about my long-distance girlfriend (now wife… not long-distance) and spoke of the struggle it was being far away.

He explained, “And it’s tough, you know, because Jason doesn’t get to see her that often because of gas.”

Awkward silence.

A room-full of minds replaying what they must have just missed.

Then an added line…

“I meant because of the PRICE of gas.”

And that made me laugh yesterday, even with fat cheeks.

Thanks John.

5 thoughts on “Unwise

  1. A word of advice–stick to soft food for a while:yogurt and scrambled eggs are good. Keep up the salt water rinses a few times a day for a week or so, but avoid regular mouth wash. And advil is your friend!
    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Chelsey, you’re about the third person this week to tell me that they are waiting to have this done as well. But if you’ve got to do it, by all means… go big… 4 or bust! It’s actually been better than I’d expected, but my impatient side is kicking in now… “You mean, I won’t be back at 100% on Day 3… What the?”

    As for John, sorry my friend. Between a concert, a football game, getting recruited to lay sod, the remaining time was between you and a newborn baby nephew… you’d have been too tough to hold, I fear.

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