Too early for blogging.

Let’s keep this simple. 

THAT is what I’m supposed to look like.

No, not orange and hairy.

And not like a fox.


4:30… I’m up.  I become intrigued by the feeling of my head pulsing. 

Intrigued shifts to annoyed. 

Pulsing head hurts. 

Go away, pulsing head. 

Ibuprofen, don’t fail me now. 

Stupid pill. 

Head keeps pulsing.

Pulsing head drives sleepy body out of bed.

Sleepy body envies sleeping fox.

Stupid blog post is born.

1 thought on “Fox

  1. Now you’re talkin my kinda hours J! Next time that happens at 4:30, call and say good morning(even if your head is pulsating and don’t mean “Good morning”) …only during the week though…


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